Body Treatments

Deep Relax Euphoria (120 minutes)
Enjoy a body buffing with a salt or sugar scrub to remove dry skin, then relax in our clawfoot tub while you soak in water infused with essential oils and flower petals. Before your aromatic full body massage we wrap your face with a warm towel while your scalp is gently massaged. The powerful combination of vetiver, chamomile, and sandalwood essential oils in this seriously relaxing and deeply sensuous blend will gently sooth your mind and smooth your skin.
Beyond Euphoria (150 total minutes, 60 minute massage included)
Beyond Euphoria (180 total minutes, 90-minute massage included)
Experience our most relaxing body treatment. This body treatment includes a sugar scrub, gel aloe wrap, a flower petal soak in our clawfoot tub with Deep Relax aromatherapy oils, and a one-hour massage.
Body Immersion with Full Body Massage
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Improve the texture and tone of your body with a Sugar Scrub followed by a light Aloe Wrap to remove harmful toxins. A Full Body Massage afterwards stimulates circulation and reduces stress. This is our most popular body treatment ever!
With 60 minute Massage
With 90 minute Massage
Steamy Herbal Wrap
Steamy Herbal Wrap with 1 hour massage
100% flannel sheets are steeped in various delicate herbs and then wrapped around the body to promote relaxation, invigoration, or detoxification.
Body Polish (45 minutes)
This deep cleansing treatment exfoliates and revitalizes while increasing circulation. Leaves the skin hydrated and healthy with a radiant glow.
Aromatherapy Sea Salt Glow (45 minutes)
Aromatherapy Sea Salt Glow with 1-hour massage
This invigorating exfoliation uses natural sea salts blended with essential oils. Leaves the skin thoroughly smooth and increases circulation.