Specialty Treatments

Lash Lifts (45 Minutes)
What is it? A Lash perm which safely curls your lashes, making natural lashes look longer without using damaging extensions. Results last 6-8 weeks, and it works on short & long lashes.
Lash Lift + Tint (75 Minutes)
We use a product safe for the eye area to temporarily color lashes, drawing attention to the eyes with natural color. Daily use of mascara is not needed.
Brow Tint (30 Minutes)
Give your eyebrows definition and color with a touch of all-natural dye.
Henna Brow (60 Minutes)
Want longer lasting brow color? Try our plant-based henna to give those eyebrows the attention they deserve.

Henna Brow and Brow Wax

Brow Lamination
Brow lamination gives your thin brows a fuller, more even look.
Brow Lamination + Tint
This 2-step Eyebrow perming treatment results in fuller-looking brows using your existing hairs. It lasts 4-6 weeks.

Other Specialty Treatments:

Bye Bye Eye Bags (45 minutes)
Reduce the effects of sleep deprivation, aging, environmental damage & deep lines with peptides & ginkgo biloba.
Dermaplaning (60 minutes)
Need to remove facial hair? This manual exfoliation technique removes hair painlessly, there by reducing ingrown hairs, and creating a healthier, more radiant appearance.
Dermaplaning With Facial (2 hours)
Dermaplaning increases absorption of skin care products and primes skin for facial treatments.
Rebalancing Back Treatment (60 minutes)
For those who need special attention to skin problems on the back.
Experience Aqua Vida Detox™ (30 minutes)
add Aqua Vida Detox™ to any service
The Aqua Detox™ foot spa system helps to detoxify the body by using positive and negative charges in the water. Benefits include more vitality, better circulation, increased energy levels, greater sense of well-being.